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I like Counter-Strike Skins

I Buy, Sell, Trade, Pricecheck, Invest in, and Broker them

My Story

As a passionate gamer, I started my CS:GO journey in August 2016. The allure of in-game skins owned by friends and foes alike soon caught my eye, leading me to invest $25 in my steam wallet for my first loadout. Among these purchases was an AWP Worm God-a skin I still possess and cherish-even after six years.

Fast forward a year, and the novelty of my budget loadout began to wane. This prompted me to delve into trading for more coveted skins. With an additional $70 investment, I acquired my first knife—a Gut Knife Doppler Phase 3 from Bitskins.

After that, I dove into real money trading. From being entrusted with buying my first case keys to acquiring Dragon Lores and eventually owning the prestigious #1 Butterfly Sapphire, my journey through the world of Counter-Strike is still ongoing.

Today you can still find me hardstuck 20,000 in Premier and Level 5 faceit, but damn if my inventory doesn't look good doing it.


CSGO-Rep is a moderated website created by @Martin_RGB when the CSGO Rep steam group was deleted by Valve. Currently, it's the most used form of trade reputation by the Counter-Strike community. I would be happy to provide proof of any trade listed here.